An International Comparison on the Cultivation of Next-Generation Academics in Education Research

Yu-Fei Liu


This paper is comprised of an international comparative study on the cultivation of next-generation academics in education research. The purpose of the comparison was to determine international trends in this field, which will be used to evaluate the status quo in Taiwan. Two periods were used for analyzing the process of cultivation: graduate school and postdoctoral research. The research methods employed include a literature review, stakeholder interviews, and comparative analysis. Because of the emphasis on research universities, the cultivation of next-generation academics has received attention worldwide, but very little has been published on this topic. Although several related policies and strategies have been promoted and implemented in many countries, analyses on academic cultivation lack profound investigation and further discussion, specifically regarding education. Consequently, an empirical study on this field is necessary. Therefore, through a comparative analysis with a focus on Japan, this paper provides a summary of the recent international trends regarding the cultivation of next-generation academics. Moreover, I explore the current issues regarding this topic further by applying Bourdieu’s forms of capital theory.

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