Success Factors in a Comprehensive International Partnership: Lessons Learned from a Case Study of an Indo-American Collaboration

Cynthia L. Strittmatter, Prashanth N. Bharadwaj, Robert C. Camp


This article thoroughly examines a specific case of a partnership between educational institutions in India and the United States with the help of in-depth interviews of key stakeholders in the program. The article outlines factors that are necessary ingredients for a collaborative program to succeed. The factors are classified as external, internal, financial, and intangible. The findings of the article can be used by administrators and faculty in the two countries as a road map while starting or growing a partnership. The paper also outlines the constraints and threats for a partnership such as this. Finally, there are suggestions for future research that can enhance the body of literature in this area. This research is of particular importance since both India and the United States are significant higher-education hubs and are the sources of a high level of educational partnership activity.

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